About us

We are Archipelago Sports Oy, a domestic manufacturer and distributor specializing in leisure products. We want to move people of all ages, from toddlers to grandparents and bring joy to homes and cottages with our Finnish quality products.

Arnold Uschanoff and Sebastian Fröberg from Paraine, the developers of the original and multi-purpose Floating Mat, were founded in the autumn of 2015 as part of their bachelor's studies at Turku University of Applied Sciences in Novia.

Today, the Floating Mat comes in several different sizes and applications: the mats are used, for example, as temporary piers, a landing bridge and as an aid when washing a boat, but above all for various water games, exercise and relaxation.

The Floating Rug is actually surprisingly sturdy and easy to transport. The more weight you stack on it, the more sturdy it becomes, says founders Sebastian Fröberg and Arnold Uschanoff.

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